• Advantages Natural Sciences and Engineering


Active Knowledge of Professional English

One of the main advantages of GAU graduates is their complete knowledge of English. From the first year of studies, GAU students, in addition to meeting the minimal level of competence as determined by the National Exams, learn the required vocabulary and phraseology for their profession. After graduation the students are professionals not only in their chosen area, but have the knowledge of English terms relevant to their profession, enabling them to be competitive in the labor market or further studies here or abroad.

Sector Skills and Competencies

GAU's Bachelor’s program of Natural Sciences and Engineering School is created in accordance with the latest standards and relevant to the technological processes of such rapidly developing fields as Informatics, Construction and Design with the help of computer technologies, Environmental Engineering and Safety and Marine Geology. The students of GAU's School of Natural Sciences and Engineering programs will become competitive, highly qualified specialists, equipped with an active knowledge of professional English. In accordance with their chosen specialty, they will acquire necessary skills for working in the relevant fields in the modern world and environment.

Employment Prospects

Education and training to prepare students for employment in the field of Natural Sciences and Engineering is a state priority, proven by the increased educational grants in this particular sphere. Succesfully completing GAU undergraduate studies at the School of Natural Sciences and Engineering enables the Bachelor to work successfully in local, foreign and private companies. Meanwhile, GAU's Career Development Center actively works to support the students and graduates in the search for desired internships and jobs.