• About University Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

GAU Code of Ethics is the phrasing of ethical principles, values and behaviour of the Georgian American University staff (teachers among them) and the students.

The objective of the code is to render help to the staff and the students in solving and setting the ethical issues, which may arise in the period of work and studies. The Code is also directed at the regulation of relations among colleagues, students, university and national and international groupings.   

With the help of the Code, GAU, along with academic tuition, guides the teaching of issues of transparency and straightforwardness, honesty and respect values, moral and social responsibility.

GAU Code of Ethics is was set up and summarized on the basis of available sources. Special directions regarding the teachers’ honesty and responsibilities of the academic staff have been extracted from the American affiliate university webpage. The Code of Ethics of the Georgian American University (all its updated versions) is signed by each student, lecturer and staff member.

GAU Code of Ethics