• Research Centers and Institutions Scientific Center of Criminal Code and Criminology

Scientific Center of Criminal Code and Criminology

GAU Criminal Code and Criminology Scientific Center (Institute) of the Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School is a structural entity of GAU, with the objective to conduct scientific studies for the development of Criminal Code, Procedural Criminal Code and Criminology and Criminalistic sciences, in accordance with the program elaborated in advance, namely preparation of scientific basis, corresponding with the legislative reform strategy, envisaged by the Criminal Code reform strategy, upon the decree # 591 of the president of Georgia.

The scientific studies are conducted with the method and general approaches of general scientific (dialectical) studies, formal logics (analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, analogy and comparison), as well as general scientific methods (systemized approach, analysis of historical sources), also with the use of the methods of interpretation of legal norms, formal-legal and comparative legal methods (at empirical and theoretical levels), etc. Review the studies of the same theme, within a reasonable period, with the aim of analyzing the reasons of changes that occur over time. 

Scientific materials, obtained by the center are effectively used in the teaching process of the university, namely:

  • Master’s and Course works, reports and dissertations are prepared on the basis of materials preserved in the center.
  • The students of Law and Social Sciences School conduct practical work at the center under the supervision of the Scientific personnel of the center. The results of their work are presented at university conferences. The materials gathered by the students are kept in the center archive...
  • The center conducts conferences periodically, where the institute personnel present scientific work together with the invited scientists..