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Summer Program

Business Administration

  • Contemporary Principles of Management                                               

The objective of the courses is to develop core competencies and basic knowledge in managing organizations and people. The course covers the foundations of effective management system and transforms them into practical skills to assist participants in self-development and building effective careers in their organizations. Some of the key issues covered are: Having a Vision, Effective Management Communication, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Behavior, Effective Team Building, Personal Effectiveness of a Manager, Managing Creativity in Organization, Leader as a Social Architect, Motivation and others. Instructing methods include role plays, simulations and practical exercises.

  • Contemporary Principles of Marketing                                        

The short-term marketing course is designed to provide an introduction to marketing with strong emphasis on its effective application. The acquired knowledge and skills ensure a better understanding of marketing benefits and of the importance of having the right marketing strategy in a competitive, rapidly changing environment. The course develops skills relevant for understanding the concepts of: 1) marketing and placing the customer at the center of all decision making and planning, 2) the benefits of being marketing oriented and how to create a marketing plan. The offered course is open to all interested in developing/improving marketing skills to remain competitive in both the local and international markets.

Natural Sciences & Engineering

  • Introduction to Programming                                                            

The course is an introduction to the theory and practice of computer programming. The emphasis is on techniques of program development within the object-oriented paradigm.
Topics include control structures, and basic concepts of software development. This course has a required lab component.

  • Introduction to Environmental Protection                                               

The course is an introduction to the theory and practice of environmental protection. The emphasis is on exploring how to protect environment from the effects of pollution and hazardous materials. Topics include air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, international and national strategies, and conservation awareness.

Law & Social Sciences

  • Introduction to Political Science                                                       

Objectives: to analyze major topics of political science, including fundamental principles of state, citizenship, party and party systems, sovereignty, modernity, ideologies, civil society, power, elites and other related topics. Course will enrich and encourage students to think critically and to reflect on various problems in society and politics.

  • Introduction to European Union (EU) Law                                      

The course aim is to give the students knowledge about integrative legal processes of the European Region. Main topics include: Major stages of EU historical evolution; the sources of EU law; correlation between EU law and legislation of EU member states; EU and the Council of Europe; the goals and principles of EU activities; main bodies of EU; European Council, European Parliament, council, commission, court of audits; consultative bodies of EU; foundations of the legal situation of citizenship and individuality in EU; economic and monetary union; EUR regime; legal status of the European Central Bank.

Humanities & Liberal Arts

  • Introduction to Georgian History & Culture                                           

The course focuses on the major events in Georgian history and culture that lead to the development of the Georgian nation. The course also highlights the role Georgia has played in the Caucasus Region and throughout world history. 

Conversational Georgian Language                                                   

A beginner’s course focusing on Georgian sounds/pronunciation, appropriate vocabulary and grammar necessary for mastering conversational topics in order to survive in ordinary situations.

Summer 2014 Program

  • All courses will be taught in the English Language
  • Cost: 500/course – includes handouts & access to the GAU library
  • Schedule: 16 June – 26 July; individual class schedules will be determined at enrollment. Most classes will be held during the day, Monday – Saturday.
  • Enrollment – Friday, 6 June, 15:00 at GAU
  • Courses qualify for university credits for students currently enrolled in a Georgian University (subject to university approval). Students will receive a certificate on successful completion of the course.

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