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Georgian Philology

The program is significant as it represents the first attempt of parallel and inter-consistent teaching   method of Georgian Philology (as a mandatory program) and English Language (as additional program + elective courses).

Another novelty of the program is that a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Georgian Philology will possess the knowledge of Practical English (level B 2+). This will enable the graduate to become involved in the global cultural and educational activities.

This is the first program that provides teaching Computer Modeling of a Language as a discipline. This will help the graduates to outline and solve different practical problems. As an example, they will be able to compile various e-dictionaries (Georgian-English and English-Georgian Bilingual Dictionaries, Orthographic, Terminological, Explanatory, Foreign Words and Phrases).

The program is also the first to offer four new subjects: Ethnolinguistics, Georgian Ethnology in Literature and in Political and Social Journalism, Ethnomusicology and Georgian Ethnology in Fine Arts.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in scientific projects as professors’ assistants. For example, in a project "An Electronic Orthographical Dictionary" students will be able to work on collecting materials, and will acquire necessary skills for compiling dictionaries.

English Philology

Besides the solid knowledge in major specialty, English Philology Program offers students numerous other benefits and opportunities: social and individual competency development, which is essential in 21st century, broad education, effective high quality teaching strategies, critical and creative thinking, rapid and effective problem-solving and  adequate generalization of conclusion, acquiring all the necessary tools and techniques (in terms of human resources, as well as communication technology) for development of versatile and comprehensive relationship.

English Philology Program implies teaching English gradually, from level B1+ to C1/C1+. The students get prepared for Cambridge International exams (according to  the program, at the end of VI or VII semester),that enables them to get B2 (FCE) and C1 / C 1 + (CAE) qualification levels in English Language as defined by the standards of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

 Besides General English, students study  theoretical and practical subjects, such as Professional English (Business, Law), Text Interpretation, Academic Writing, Theory and Practice of Translation , Theoretical Grammar, Lexicology of the English Language, Stylistics, Text Linguistics, English Language Teaching Methodology, English Language Lexicography,  History of 20th century Literature (England, America, Western Europe), etc.


Undergraduate program in History includes variety of both special and general subjects, which enable students to become not only qualified specialists in the field, but also to acquire and improve social and individual competencies that are essential for versatile and comprehensive social and public relations in modern world. The program presents the history of the world from ancient times to 21st century. Georgia is presented as a country in Pre-Asia with oldest cultural and political past, which is considered to be closely linked to the history of Europe. Students will learn the history of the USA and European countries, and political, economic and cultural relations of Georgia with these countries; also the history of Georgian emigration, both in Europe and Americas.

The program is focused not only on studying recorded historical facts, but also on the ability of student to independently obtain historical data and this can be achieved by studying Georgian and European historical sources and other historical disciplines.

The program offers students a compulsory course in the fundamentals of Archeology. At later stages, students will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by working on archeological sites.

Through the program, students will learn the basics of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. The program gives students the opportunity to explore life and culture of Georgia.

The program gives an opportunity to receive broad education in Liberal Arts and Humanities. Students can choose the subjects and disciplines of their interest from various fields of Literature and Arts. The program provides a wide range of exact and natural sciences for the future specialists.  

The abovementioned courses will give students of History at the School of Liberal Arts and Humanities ability of strong critical and creative thinking, as well as information technology skills that will enable them to continue studies in Master’s program.