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    Academic Programs

    Duration of studies at the Law bachelor's program is four years.

    During the first three years the students study the mandatory legal subjects and professional (legal English at C2 level, which means that GAU students will be taught professional English by highly qualified language specialists during the six hours weekly for three years. The students will be helped to pick up practical skills through the interaction with foreign teachers.

    On the fourth year the students can concentrate on one of the trends listed below, many of them are new subjects (media law, medical law, education law, competition law, legal regulation of business …) or carry out individual profile forming through unifying the subjects of various specializations, in accordance with personal interest and labour market demand.

    Trends and subjects of Legal Sciences Bachelor program:

    Private law

    • legal liability relations
    • Intellectual property Law
    • Basics of International Private Law
    • Banking Law
    • Insolvency Law
    • Insurance Law
    • Private arbitrage
    • Legal Regulation of Business
    • Alternative Means of Dispute Consideration

    Criminal Law

    • Criminology
    • Penitentiary Law
    • Criminalistics
    • Classification of Crime
    • Criminal Law Policy

    Constitutional and Administrative Law

    • Tax Law
    • Customs Law
    • Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries
    • Education Law
    • Medical Law
    • Election Law
    • local Administration Law 

    International Law

    • International Organizations Law
    • International Humanitarian Law
    • Human Rights International Law
    • International Agreements Law
    • Procedural Aspects of International Law
    • Diplomatic Law
    • Consular Law
    • Maritime Law

    European law 

    • Basics of European Union Law
    • European Tax Law
    • European Criminal Law

    GAU Law Bachelor's program graduate will be equipped with both theoretical and practical skills, fully capable of taking up the job in any state or private structure as a lawyer and accept challenges not only locally but at international arena as well.