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    Dean's Welcome

    I’m truly honored and pleased to present the School of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy, School of the Georgian American University and welcome you on its behalf.

    I can state that GAU Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School is a modern university which accepts its great responsibility towards providing your constitutional right to fundamental education.

    Georgia's establishment of a legal state and its integration into the framework of western democracy will be void of meaning if there are no modern high quality education centers for Law and International Relations such as the GAU Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School.

    With the help of highly qualified professors, materials, methodologies and technologies, the School provides you with a competitive advantage in the demanding labor market. Educational programs and methodologies of our School enable the students to prepare themselves to effectively fulfill their goals that are required for the protection of public and state interests and successful resolution of problems of the country today and in future. The School has a commitment to prepare high standard lawyers and diplomats, who, under the conditions of globalization and transforming world dynamics will be capable of meeting present-day demands, Accordingly, we offer the students programs with comparative methodologies and practical elements of teaching - preparing the students for both  internal and global markets.            

    Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School equips the future lawyers and International Relations and Diplomacy specialists not only with complete theoretical knowledge and information but also helps them to acquire the required practical skills and confidence while still being students. The Legal Clinic Program of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School in the Bachelor program of of Law is where the students’ theoretical knowledge is put to practice with their participation in real cases under the supervision of lecturers and practicing lawyers.   

    These and many other programs will enable you to receive a complex and dynamic education which will prepare you for the most critical challenges of the 21st century.

    I am pleased to invite any interested person to GAU Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School. We are completely open and sincere regarding any issuesabuot our school. We will make every effort to be one of the most dynamic and effective educational institutions.

    Zaza Rukhadze
    Dean of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School