• Admissions Which Skills Make Me Exceptional?

Which Skills Make Me Exceptional?

Active knowledge of professional English

One of the main advantages of GAU graduates is a complete knowledge of English. Despite the sufficiency of the English language knowledge at the national exams, for enrollment in GAU and the fact that it meets the minimal level of competence, the students admitted to GAU, learn the required vocabulary and phraseology for their profession, from the first year of studies, with the help of special programs. After the graduation the students are professionals not only in the chosen area, but have the knowledge of English terms in relevance with their profession, enabling them to be competitive at the labour market or further studies abroad

Which exceptional professional skills will acquire:

The Bachelor of Business administration

Due to the precisely elaborated course, the GAU Business School student acquires systemized, active knowledge. All the subjects, envisaged by the academic course, are truly necessary and are directed at the ultimate target, turning the GAU Business School student into an internationally acclaimed professional in the chosen trend. GAU Bachelor program helps the staff, working in the business sphere, master the skills required for the given field, namely quantitative and statistical evaluation of business problems, estimation of affectivity of the processes in the organization, decision making at the operational and tactical level along with other competences, that distinguish and give advantage to GAU Business School graduates.

I may need a whole page to make a list of the knowledge and the skills that GAU gave me, however I will try to be brief: The prospects of Career growth – It is a key advantage, that gives GAU the status of the best university. At the same time, It is impossible not to point out the factors that create the opportunities for these prospects: Highly professional and experienced teachers and the administration, rich scientific literature, comfortable environment... – Rati Anjaparidze, GAU  Business Administration Bachelor and graduate student. 

Bachelor of Legal Sciences

One of the major components of the Bachelor program at GAU School of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School is practical application of theoretical knowledge. To this end Legal Clinic conducts effective activities for the achievement of this particular objective at GAU School of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School. It offers the students exclusive opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use and with the completion of the Bachelor course, become competitive specialists, accepting not only local, but international challenges with confidence. 

While working as a lawyer in Georgian Red Cross I took part in the competition of probationers, held by European Council and was among 60 winner probationers of 2500 participants. GAU is truly the best university in Georgia, offering international standards. It is fully orientated on the students and their future. It gives you everything. You should only be willing to accept and apply these opportunities …. – Elene Titibadze, GAU graduate, Bachelor of Legal Sciences.    

Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy

In present day Georgia, where Euro – integration and securing the place among the developed states is a priority, the demand for specialists of International Relations and diplomats, capable of representing their country with dignity, due to their particular professional skills,   

These are particular skills on the elaboration of which GAU International Relations and Diplomacy Bachelor program is concentrated, and where the students shall acquire fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in modern International Relations.  Get familiar with the list of wide variety of skills. 

Bachelor of the School of Natural Sciences and Engineering

Bachelor’s program of GAU School of Natural Sciences and Engineering is created in accordance with the latest standards and relevance with technological processes of such rapidly developing fields as Informatics, Constructions and designing with the help of computer technologies, environmental engineering and safety and maritime geology. The Bachelors of GAU School of Natural Sciences and Engineering will become competitive, highly qualified specialist, equipped with active knowledge of professional English. In accordance with the chosen specialty, they will acquire necessary skills, needed for the specialist, working in the relevant field of the modern world and environment.