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International Students – Business

Georgian-American University (GAU) Business Administration Undergraduate (English) Program is created by highly-experienced financial analysts, scientists and business captains, based on best experiences practiced in USA. The program and teaching methods are dynamic and innovative, which fully meet general development trends and technological progress of the modern world.

The close link between GAU Business School and USA & Europe shows that the GAU Business administration program is in full compliance with leading American and European universities. GAU BBA graduate was first business (finance) student from Georgia who was admitted with full scholarship to the US university rated top one in QS World University Rankings.

GAU has exchange programs to more than 20 different countries including Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and so on. GAU is one of top three private universities in Georgia by number of exchange programs.

The Business Administration program will help graduates to become competitive and development-oriented:

  • 90% of our Alumni are employed
  • 60% of active students are employed
  • 98% of Quant program students are employed.

Our employers and partners include: Amazon, Google, National Bank of Georgia, London premium-listed local and international banks: TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, top insurance, development and IT companies.

Objectives of the Business Administration Program correspond with GAU's mission and aims:

  • Develop/raise qualified specialists with high academic and ethical standards who can work efficiently in the area of business using knowledge, creative thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Create the best conditions to make sure that students demonstrate their talents and capabilities in their full potential and make contributions to development of the business sector;
  • Enable students to perfect their international communication language skills, required for operating in  business area by actively teaching professional English.
  • Create radiant, dynamic student life, offer chances to explore world of business as well as breathtaking beauty and culture of Georgia.
Tbilisi - Georgia

Students can choose from the four specialties listed below on the 4th (senior) year:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Quants* / Quantitative Finance

* Quant is an abbreviation of the phrase - Quantitative Analyst. 
Quants Program includes three components: Mathematics, Programming and Finance.  
Quant - is a specialist, who works in financial markets and creates mathematical models in order to help Financial market traders; Risk managers at banks and other medium and large corporate institutions. *

You can find the program description here: Curriculum 

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee, for full-time 4-year BBA English program is:

First year: USD 5,000

Second year: USD 4,500

Third year: USD 4,500

Fourth year: USD 4,500

University will willingly, free of charge, assist you in finding suitable accommodation, offer help of mentors, who can share useful tips for living in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. 

Please, fill out the GAU application form and send it to the following address: admissions@gau.ge.

The application form contains detailed step-by-step information on how to fill it in, and guides you through the process. Applications should be completed and sent as soon as possible to ensure full and timely consideration of your admission. 

Good Luck!

International Students – Business International Students – Business
International Students – Business International Students – Business