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Implemented and ongoing projects of Georgian American University (some of them):

  • EIGER - European Integration and Employment Relations in Georgia is the project of a joint Master’s Program that was launched in 2013 by the support of European Union (EACEA – TEMPUS). The project’s aim is to contribute to the modernization of the higher education system in Georgia by introducing a new 2-year joint master program. Its broader objective aims at improving the education of specialists in the field of employment relations able to play a transformative role in facilitating a policy change that brings Georgia closer to EU and internationally agreed labor standards. A consortium of three universities in Tbilisi (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityGeorgian American UniversityCaucasus University), have agreed to integrate such an innovative 2-year master program in conformity with the Bologna Process in their postgraduate offering during and after the three years of the project. 

    27 courses/seminars (plus thesis writing) and corresponding teaching material have been developed. For the concerned teachers, East-West mobilities to (re)train teachers have been organized in the three participating member state universities (THE VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT BRUSSELS (VUB)UNIVERSIDADE DE SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (USC)THE EUROPEAN HIGHER SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT (EHSEM) and OTTO-VON-GUERICKE UNIVERSITÄT MAGDEBURG (OVGU)). Apart from the teaching aspect, much attention is paid to stimulate a research-based educational environment.

    For more information please visit a website.

  • Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position (AESOP) is an ERASMUS+ project financed by EACEA European Commission for implementation in Universities in Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Georgia as follows:


    Akaki Tsereteli State University (ATSU) - Leading partner

    Caucasus University (CU)

    Georgian American University (GAU)


    Khazar University (Khazar)

    Nakhchivan State University (NSU)

    Nakhchivan University (NU)

    Ganja State University (GSU)


    Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUET)

    Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU)

    The main objective of the project is to promote democratic “Student Advocacy” procedures in agreement with the Bologna Process in these three countries by establishing Ombudsman Offices in partner universities. This project applies the experience and best practices of European universities in the area of student advocacy, specifically including the common practice of employing a “neutral” (free from other work responsibilities or conflicts of interest) ombudsperson as a resource who listens to student issues (including academic appeals, disciplinary appeals, complaints, emergency financial aid requests, or health-related concerns) and direct them through appropriate procedures and channels to resolve them fairly, consistently, and efficiently.

    The Ombudsman's office will help students and faculty/staff to become more aware of their rights and responsibilities. Students will learn to exercise their rights, take responsibility for resolution of their own conflicts and manage their academic careers in accordance with the Bologna Process.          

    The European partner universities were chosen for the consortium because of their experience with Ombudsman Offices. In addition, EU universities were selected to cover a wide range of European geographical regions and Cultures.

    European Partners

    Office of the Austrian Student Ombudsman (OASO) - Austria

    University of Warsaw - Poland

    University of L’Aquila (UNIVAQ) - Italy

    University of Minho (UM) - Portugal

    University of Jyväskylä (UJ) - Finland

    Middlesex University Higher Education Corporation (MxU) - England

    Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic (MoE) - Azerbaijan


    For more information please visit a website.

  • The U.S. Embassy’s multi-phase Museum Marketing project intended to highlight Georgian culture and history by assisting Georgia’s museums achieve self-sustainability. The Georgian American University (GAU) coordinated two elements of this project. Together with GeoLab a week-long business and marketing workshop for museum staff and administrators from Tbilisi and the regions were conducted. During the series of training Georgian museum staff members expanded their knowledge in the following fields:

    - Branding
    - Online presence
    - Social media
    - Youth and educational programming
    - Corporate sponsorships
    - University partnerships
    - Gift shop and cafe laws, accounting and management

    The Museum Marketing project culminated in an exhibition of works by the 20th century photographer and ethnographer, Edward Curtis. This phase is managed by GAU and designed by Georgian curators with the help of U.S. museum consultant Patrick Gallagher. 

     For more information please visit a website.