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    Active knowledge of professional English

    One of the main advantages of each GAU School graduate is the complete knowledge of professional English. GAU learn the required vocabulary and phraseology for their profession starting from from theie first year of studies. Graduates are professionals not only in their chosen area, but have the knowledge of English terms relevant to their profession, enabling them to be more competitive in the labor market or for further studies abroad.       

    Professional Skills and Competencies

    One of the major components of the Bachelor program at GAU Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School is practical application of theoretical knowledge. Legal Clinic Program offers the students the exclusive opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use and with the completion of the Bachelor course, become competitive specialists, accepting not only local, but international challenges with confidence.   

    While working as a lawyer in Georgian Red Cross I took part in the competition of probationers, held by European Council and was among 60 winner probationers of 2500 participants. GAU is truly the best university in Georgia, offering international standards. It is fully orientated on the students and their future. It gives you everything. You should only be willing to accept and apply these opportunities …. - Elene Titibadze, GAU graduate, Bachelor of Legal Sciences.    

    Employment Prospects

    Main emphasis in Bachelor Program of Law is on practical application of theoretical knowledge, achieved by the students through acquiring experience in the Legal Clinic Program of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School. At the same time the Bachelor student also masters professional (legal) English at the C2 level, thus becoming more competitive in the world market in the sphere of European and International Law. Many graduates of GAU LLB program have distinguished themselves both at the local and international levels. GAU Career Services works to find GAU students and graduates desired internships and jobs.