• Dean's Welcome Natural Sciences and Engineering

Dean's Welcome

I have the honor to greet you on behalf of the Natural Sciences and Engineering School of Georgian American University. The development of these fields is regarded priority in the recent period. These are the fields that are aligned to play a major role in the development of the country’s economy. Our school provides the preparation of highly qualified personnel in the abovementioned sphere. GAU possesses all the necessary means: modern system of teaching, the staff of highly skilled teachers having great experience of cooperation with the foreign colleagues and partners, latest English language manuals, well-equipped computer classes, library, café and the gym. All this allows the students to work effectively and master their chosen profession.       

Each of the graduates of Georgian American University will have the opportunity to find a highly paid job. They will have complete knowledge of professional English (specific professional vocabulary, phraseology, etc), as along with professional studies they will acquire an active knowledge of professional English.

We are ready to provide the required conditions for efficient studies, while from you, only dedicated work and maximal increase of personal potential will be demanded.     

Mikheil Chkhenkeli
Dean of Natural Sciences and Engineering School