GAU- Internal New Year event - Decorate Christmas tree on the planet Mars - for the New Year!

After water flow on the surface was confirmed by NASA, scientists have made other a sensational discovery. MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) obtained by the analysis of the images, it was assumed that there was a species of a plant. To verify this fact, NASA sent the Mars Rover “Opportunity” there. As a result of sampling, confirmed the existence of the plant on the planet. Recent reports suggested origin of the species. 
Charles Bolden, Chairman of NASA stated at a press conference that the Mars discovered plant is a spruce tree; and the breed originates from Georgia. Researchers have known about existing frozen water on its pole and the atmosphere, but the recent discovery by humanity is the turning point of the importance of the event. GAU congratulates to NASA, astronomers and mankind in this epoch-making innovation. In this regard GAU declares a thematic competition for GAU students.
Decorate Christmas tree on the planet Mars - for the New Year!     
Conditions of the competition:
  • Contestants are 4 teams from 4 schools at GAU. 
  • Each team consists of 7 members – the best 7 members will be chosen registration;
  • Teams will be given copies of the artificial Christmas tree on Mars; 
  • For decorating materials teams are given the budget;
  • The contestants will have the idea of treatment for a few days, and carry only 7 minutes;
  • Competition “Decorate Christmas tree on the planet Mars - for the New Year! 
Evaluation Criteria (1-10 points):
  • Creative vision (6 points);
  • Teamwork (2 points); 
  • Fan Activity (2 points).
Interested persons can register:
  • 22 December, Tuesday, 15:00-16:00 pm. For registration please call 599 54 18 38


  • All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation; 
  • All participants will be awarded with GAU-'s New Year's souvenirs; 
  • The winning team will be awarded with e-books from
  • The participating teams will be awarded by the Rafting Tour (which will be held in the spring);
  • Each member of the winning team will get caricature portrait from artist Zaliko Sulakauri. 
On December 24, at 17:30 New Year's Eve event featuring the auditorium N204. Performers will be GAU Band and DJ Ramy. Also there will be a raffle, and we will reveal “Secret Santa.” Cake and Glintveini will be served. Join the New Year's event at GAU. Share joy of the New Year to each other!