• Advantages GAU Business School


Active Knowledge of Professional English

Each GAU graduate has the principal advantage of having a complete knowledge of professional English. After passing  the national exam for English language for admission to GAU, the students immediately begin the process of mastering their chosen profession together with learning the vocabulary and phraseology of that profession. By graduation the student is a true professional in their chosen field with the relevant knowledge of English thus providing a definite advantage in the labor market or in the pursuit of further studies abroad. 

Professional Skills and Competencies

GAU Business School students acquire a fundamental education consisting of both theoretical and practical knowledge. All the subjects are directed at the ultimate goal of turning the students into internationally acclaimed professionals in their chosen field. GAU Bachelor program is developed so that the student masters the skills required for the given field, namely: quantitative and statistical evaluation of business problems; estimation of the effectiveness of organizational processes; decision making at the operational and tactical levels, etc. that make GAU Business School graduates unique and marketable.   

"I employ the skills acquired in GAU on the daily basis at my work. I consider the existence of the field of quantitative analysis GAU’s chief advantage (Quantitative analyst), which entails the opportunity of studying the subjects (Fixed income, Investment, Value at risk…) that are not read in other universities." - Giorgi Mamatelashvili, Bachelor of GAU Business Administration, Master Degree student at Wiliam’s College (USA).      

Employment Prospects

By achieving the goals of acquiring professional knowledge and skills and professional English, the GAU Business School Bachelor graduates have a principal advantage both in the employment market and in case of further studies here or abroad. GAU Career Services Center actively works to find the students and graduates desired internships and jobs.